June 28, 2022

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Hyland’s 2022 Q2 updates enhance integration options

Drive improved user and customer experiences.

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Somehow, we have already reached the midway point of 2022. For many organizations, that means it’s time to evaluate the year so far and decide if it’s time to follow through with original plans or make a course correction to meet annual goals.

At Hyland, we know how crucial the tools you use to activate those plans can be. After all, if your employees can’t count on the systems to work the way they need them to, then how can you expect your staff to reach their maximum potential?

That’s why the latest releases across Hyland’s content services offerings empower organizations to:

  • Advance employee and customer experience initiatives
  • Improve platform scalability and administration capabilities
  • Provide UI enhancements to help your organization take the next steps in your digital transformation efforts

As we head into the second half of 2022, we want to share a high-level look at some of the new features and enhancements released this quarter.

OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors 1.0.0

All organizations are working to meet shifting work patterns and employee hiring and retention challenges.

The OnBase Integration for SAP SuccessFactors removes document silos and improves HR processes by providing content management capabilities directly from within the SAP SuccessFactors user interface. With a few clicks from within a modern interface, SAP SuccessFactors users can capture and view employee documents, execute document tasks through workflows and store content in OnBase — all without ever leaving the SAP SuccessFactors application.

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Alfresco Platform Updates

This quarter’s Alfresco releases extend the platform’s ability to rapidly develop and deliver cloud-based business solutions that improve access to critical information and integrate relevant content with workflows to streamline content-centric business processes. Meanwhile, security enhancements ensure sensitive information is protected from inappropriate access and retained to comply with regulatory requirements.

Nuxeo Platform Updates

Nuxeo Platform has three new features that make Nuxeo an even more productive and user-friendly product:

#1. Compound Documents

This update empowers IT to set up compound documents out of the box instead of having to write custom scripts. This creates a better user experience in developing and managing next-gen content types.

#2. Content Redaction

The Nuxeo Platform now provides additional security for sensitive information while still being able to share the majority of a document with other stakeholders. This simplifies processes for case management or document management users.

#3. Append with Bulk Edit

More robust options for multivalued properties improve the user experience, as well as eases user adoption and usage rates.

Content Composer Foundation 22.1

Customer experience is a top business imperative, and streamlining how organizations communicate with their constituents, clients, members, patients and students is key.

The most recent release of Content Composer customer communications management (CCM) provides enhanced integration options, UX and accessibility improvements and updated support for Microsoft products. It also enables Content Composer deployment in the Hyland Cloud. This means customers will find an improved user experience, streamlined productivity and expanded deployment options to help match their specific digital transformation and customer experience goals.

PACSgear Enterprise 5.3

Enhancements to the Enterprise Imaging solution suite enrich the patient imaging record, leading to better care decisions. This includes added flexibility to capture and connect image data via modern web browsers and mobile applications.

Take on the Second Half of 2022 Your Way

At Hyland, we know you are looking for a partner that can help you meet your vision for innovation while meeting today’s business challenges. That’s why we work to provide better — and original — options to take your digital evolution to the next level with every release.

As you look to the second half of this year and beyond, we will continue to strive to provide new and updated tools that will help you achieve just that.

Learn more about these releases at Hyland.com.