March 27, 2023

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Hyland’s approach to progress: Customer-centricity

It’s a precarious time for technology companies. We know that every decision we make has the potential to impact thousands of organizations and millions of Hyland users. That isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

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It’s a precarious time for technology companies.

We know that every decision we make has the potential to impact thousands of organizations and millions of Hyland users. That isn’t a responsibility we take lightly. Under the lens of global volatility, we’re deciding, over and over again, that it’s all about our customers. It always has been. In good times and bad, our commitment to our customers remains our North Star.

As part of that commitment, we’re approaching our product roadmap methodically and strategically, and we’re continuing to put our customers first.

No matter the state of the market, Hyland prioritizes smart, user-driven, continuous improvements made at the pace of customer progress, to meet real-world business demands.

Because the real power of Hyland extends far beyond the initial deal. Partnering with us isn’t just about the buying experience or purchase decision; it’s about the experience of being a long-term Hyland customer.

Hyland remains committed to developing innovative, advanced technologies. And we remain even more committed to our belief that technology is only part of the equation. The other part – the bigger, more important part, if you ask us – is the people who use that technology.

Hyland centers people-focused progress

Over the past few years, those people — our customers — have been asked to address not only a slew of new business challenges like:

  • Driving new levels of employee and customer experience
  • Meeting anywhere work requirements
  • Handling an unprecedented scale and variety of business content and platforms

But they also had to continue to find modernized solutions to their more familiar challenges as well. These include initiatives like:

  • Mitigating security risks and meeting compliance standards
  • Modernizing legacy systems and processes
  • Improving business efficiencies and reducing costs

We support our customers as they face both sets of challenges. It’s the new set that’s making waves, but we often find that it’s the second set – the behind-the-scenes improvements to business-critical processes – that ultimately enables anywhere work and improves experiences.

We know those familiar challenges will endure no matter what the market throws our way. We also know there’s risk in trying to move too far, too fast. If we get too far ahead of the organizations that are looking to optimize their existing processes before tackling new ones, our visions may become misaligned. We remain customer-focused above all else. And as far as we’re concerned, this approach is working.

In 2022, Hyland’s ARR net retention rate exceeded 100%. That means our customers aren’t just sticking with us, they’re investing even more in our solutions.

Our customers also led us to our recent designation as Customers’ Choice in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Content Services Platform.

Recognition like this, bestowed on us by the users and administrators who rely on our software to get their work done, is incredibly meaningful to us. It represents alignment with the people who are most important to us: Our customers.

Customers evaluate us regularly based on their everyday experiences with our platforms: How easily our software installs, how well it works, how well we support it and, ultimately, how well we support their business goals.

Our Customer’s Choice designation inspires us to maintain our unwavering focus on the customer – from initial meeting to long-term roadmap and success. While this may sound simple, in practice, it is anything but. It takes determination, prioritization and know-how that most other vendors can’t match.

And that’s where we shine.

Hyland in the eyes of the analysts

Of course, we’re also thrilled with the recognition we receive from the experts, as analysts provide valuable insight into our industry, and we recognize how important it is for people considering Hyland to have objective third-party commentary on what we’re doing.

“We are pleased that the analyst community continues to position Hyland among the industry leaders,” said John Phelan, chief product officer. “It not only reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the best product, solutions, services and support, but is validation of our vision and strategic direction.”

In recent months, Hyland has been named:

This recognition guides us as we continue to deliver the products, solutions and support our customers need today and will need for years to come.

What’s next on Hyland’s roadmap?

Hyland will continue to focus on what our customers need today, and will continue to develop and maintain the modern, innovative technology that they will need in the future.

“Our industry continues to evolve from traditional content management to intelligent content services that change the way businesses operate,” said Phelan. “Each day, our Hyland teams explore ways to add more capabilities to and integrations with our platforms to meet the demands of our customers as they change the way they think about managing, sharing and using the vast amount of data they possess to improve their own business processes and employee and customer experiences.”

Here’s how we’re maintaining stability, supporting growth and preparing for a customer-focused future:

  • Customer-focused technology. We make most of our product enhancements based on user feedback, an approach that ensures we’re aligned with the real needs of the market. Our user-focused capabilities and customer-driven innovation have resulted in solutions and features that deliver tangible, measurable value.
  • Confidence in our experience. We have 30+ years of proven success delivering secure, flexible content and process solutions, and we’re trusted by more than half of Fortune 500 companies and two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies.
  • Commitment to our core verticals. We pride ourselves on helping customers achieve sustainable success in healthcare, government, education, financial services and more. By hiring experts who have gained a deep understanding of these industries working in the fields themselves, we gain unique insights into the markets as they evolve. We also recognize the importance of open integration with the core line of business applications that are crucial to our core industries, and prioritize product enhancements that make these connections more seamless.
  • Professional services and support. We continue to expand our Customer Success and Professional Services functions, to better support our customers throughout every stage of their digital transformation journeys.
  • Future-looking solutions. As the digital workplace continues to raise the bar for content management solutions, Hyland will continue to lead the way with user-friendly, agile, integrative software that empowers people to deliver their best in a constantly changing digital world.
  • An eye on intelligent automation. We will continue to expand intelligent automation capabilities across our products, with specific investment in process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, in anticipation of automation’s increasing importance in the market.

Hyland is on a perpetual journey to provide the best content and process capabilities for organizations to serve their constituents, students, patients and customers. Like on any journey, there will be times where we cover a lot of ground quickly, and times where we pause to prepare everyone (including our customers) for the next big thing. But there will never be a time where we give up or lose focus.

Thanks to our 14,000+ customers for taking this journey with us and transparently providing ongoing feedback. We wouldn’t be where we are – or get where we’re going – without you.