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Click below to download the Omdia report on DAM market.

Hyland's Nuxeo Platform, which was named a Leader in the DAM space in this 2023 report, provides a cloud-native, low-code and open-source content services platform that includes a DAM offering. Hyland’s solution achieves the maximum score for advanced capabilities and solution breadth, and Omdia places our market momentum as above average for the field.

Additionally, the report notes these distinctions as strengths for the Nuxeo Platform:

  • Embedded AI and machine learning (ML), as well as metadata, tagging and classification capabilities
  • Cloud-native, with the flexibility to deploy in any environment
  • Several import methods for small, middle-sized and large batches, as well as out-of-the-box schemas or the ability to custom-configure
  • REST, CMIS and WebDAV APIs out-of-the-box