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How healthcare leaders can meet interoperability challenges

HIMSS report outlines connected care obstacles and opportunities.

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While many healthcare organizations have embraced interoperability as a goal, achieving high levels of connected care remains elusive. The latest research report from HIMSS, The 2023 State of Interoperability and Connected Care, sheds light on the obstacles and opportunities that come with the interoperability journey.

Discover insights from leading healthcare executives on current industry trends, as well as the innovative strategies implemented by trailblazing organizations to achieve their connected care goals.

Learn how healthcare leaders are:

  • Lowering interoperability costs with a vendor-neutral archive
  • Automating classification of external patient records through machine learning
  • Creating programs to exchange patient information with independent physicians

The research shows that addressing interoperability and connectivity challenges is worth the effort. This report shows what steps health systems are taking to provide connected care.

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