Perceptive Experience

Create purpose-built work environments to execute role-based tasks more efficiently

Perceptive Experience is the next-generation web client for Perceptive Content, delivering content services via a single, adaptable user interface. Perceptive Content users can access just the features they need, presented in an intuitive interface that can be leveraged across multiple devices and mobile environments.

Benefits of Perceptive Experience include:

  • Modernize your content management platform
  • Empower your users and accelerate adoption
  • Get new features faster
  • Maximize the value of your devices

Experience Content Apps

Perceptive Content Apps are the vehicles in which Perceptive Experience is provided. Content Apps are modular in design and can be pieced together to combined platform capabilities into tailored user interfaces.

Content Apps capabilities include:

  • View content and folders stored and managed within Perceptive Content
  • Complete tasks from anywhere, at any time
  • Participate in workflow processes
  • Capture content from a mobile device or browser

This approach differs from the traditional monolithic client paradigm by delivering capabilities only as needed. Organizations are empowered to create purpose-built work environments for users to execute role-based tasks more efficiently.