Automated Data Capture

Reduce manual keystrokes and accelerate processes

Hyland acquired AnyDoc in 2013, strengthening its robust end-to-end capture capabilities. AnyDoc is a powerful automated data capture product that can be leveraged alongside OnBase or any 3rd party content repository. With AnyDoc, organizations automatically identify and capture data from incoming documents to streamline key processes and ensure accurate information gets to those who need it as quickly as possible.

Automated data capture from AnyDoc helps organizations:

  • Minimize manual data entry: AnyDoc uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically capture data – including machine, hand print, mark sense and barcodes – from nearly any document.
  • Shorten business process cycle times: Data is automatically extracted and validated in seconds – and customizable verification procedures using your business rules help ensure accuracy with minimal human intervention.
  • Expedite data into your workflow: Accurate, verified data is seamlessly delivered to OnBase or into any other content management, ERP/accounting, or BPM system.
  • Improve data accuracy: AnyDoc ensures the accuracy of captured information through image enhancement technology, data recognition engines, database lookups, and consistent application of your own business rules.

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