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Twofold is a leading U.K. implementation partner for Hyland’s OnBase solution. Twofold supports over 2,500 U.K. customers, including over 90 of the FTSE 100 and nearly one in two public-sector bodies. Over the last ten years, the company has become one of Hyland's OnBase leading partners. Its solutions are state of the art and utilize the most advanced features of OnBase to ensure customers reap the tremendous efficiency and compliance benefits of this world-class solution.

OnBase allows Twofold’s customers to automate their business processes and makes information and documents find the right person at the right time. Generation One content management systems require the users to search for the information that they need. An OnBase solution from Twofold revolutionizes this old paradigm and brings the information and documents you need front and center, at the point that you need them.

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