Océane Consulting Data Management

Océane Consulting Data Management is an IT consulting compagny Pure Player in Digital Transformation.

At Oceane, "See the world in 3D", with 3 main technical areas: Document (GED / ECM / DAM/ PAM / BPM), Data (BI / AI / BIG DATA) and Digital (JAVA / WEB / Portals / Extranet / Intranet / UX UI).

Océane is composed globally of 50 experts, 30 of whom work on the technical development platform based in Rennes.

As a Nuxeo EMEA Nuxeo Center Skills, Océane works throughout France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Saudi Arabia, with a total turnover of €5M (international 15%).

Partner type

Reseller Partner


Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Other


Nuxeo Platform


France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia

Supported language

French, Germany, Spanish, Danish


Digital Transformation

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