Founded in 1873, Konica Minolta marks its 150th year in 2023. Konica Minolta has been creating new value in response to people’s hopes and desires to “see.” Its businesses were founded to capture the moment in the world as it is with tangible images by photographic films and cameras. Now, through visualizing technology and solutions that capture what was once invisible to human eyes, Konica Minolta takes signs of illness and subtle variations in the quality of manufacturing. Konica Minolta continues to deliver innovation by anticipating trends in the business environment, from changes in remote work to the manufacturing process within various industries and business categories so that the company contributes to efforts to address challenges faced by customers and society. Konica Minolta positions the 150th milestone year as a new start to further leverage the power of imaging in driving sustainable growth for people and society.

Konica Minolta globally provides products and services in 150 countries, with Digital Workplace, Professional Print, Healthcare and Industry businesses.