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Falcorp is a digital solutions creator. We strive to be amongst the most innovative solution providers in our chosen markets through the digital empowerment of individuals and organisations. Falcorp was established in 2006 and today we employ over 300 consultants providing services to some of the largest organisations in the region. Our services cover all aspects of digital enablement and we have developed some of the most complex and high-volume technology solutions for our customers. We focus on four key organisational pillars:

Innovation - Incremental iterative change delivers small quick wins, better overall adoption, and minimises risk. Using Design Thinking and innovation tools, we can establish, define and articulate innovation plans in order to better manage and implement. Prototyping is an important step in the plan and idea validation ensures stake holders are kept informed and comfortable with the pace and viability of projects. We assist organisations by innovating to solve problems using tried and tested methodologies, we underpin the solution with a leading technology and a UX approach.

User Experience - At the core of every process, transaction or interaction is a person. User Experience is about intentionally refining that entire experience from beginning to end to ensure the best possible impact and impression. We design digital solutions that streamline and facilitate that experience in the best most appealing way possible. Using data, technology, cool tools, psychology and fantastic talent we build processes and platforms that delight customers and enhance their overall experience.

Technology - Having begun life harnessing everything digital, we are competent and skilled in the technologies embedded in large complex organisations. We have worked within some of the largest and most complex technology landscapes and have provided the building blocks of many of today’s successful companies. We drive technological transformation that readies organisations for the digital requirements demanded by users and markets today. Our forte lies in introducing digital solutions into large complex and demanding arenas, building strategic core capabilities whose impact is fundamental to business. Having a deep body of technical knowledge and experience we are respectful of protocol, governance, security, scale and volume. Our agility and engagement model ensure we work with organisations in a way that is effective and accelerates results. By building cloud ready, customer centric applications and platforms, we can make things happen that deliver quick results and maximise impact.

Data - Although we have our preferred tools, we are technology agnostic, open and knowledgeable about leading market related products enabling us to comfortably and skilfully manage any client preferred system. Our business partnerships, domain expertise and depth of knowledge in the entire data management space assures clients that we can provide a solid and reliable foundation on which to build and drive their data management process.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) are critical in a digital world and the Hyland suite of products is a key enabler of the many digital solutions we craft and provide to our customers.

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Alfresco Platform, Brainware


South Africa

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Person with glasses and in a dark suit sits in a chair, smiling toward the camera.


African insurance company utilizes cloud-based Hyland solutions to provide insurance via cell phones.