Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies develops solutions that help enterprises optimize and improve the secure delivery, storage, and presentment of customer communications such as statements, invoices, or policies. Crawford Technologies strategically partners with Hyland Software to provide customers a complete solution to replace complex mainframe systems with a modern digital archive while preserving access to customer communications documents and meeting regulatory requirements.

CCM Gateway by Crawford Technologies empowers Hyland’s Content Platforms by enabling conversions, indexing, encryption, and compression for printstream formats like AFP, Xerox, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and more. CCM Gateway seamlessly integrates with the Hyland Content Platforms leveraging its robust API.

By integrating Crawford Technologies' transformation capabilities with Hyland’s modern content management approach, organizations can efficiently extract value from a single source of truth within the enterprise.

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Technology Partner


Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Other


Alfresco Platform, Nuxeo Platform, OnBase


United States

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Enterprise Content Management Solutions, Enterprise Content Migration Services, Enterprise Output Management, Document Accessibility

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