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Comprehensive Technology Company (CompTechCo) provides best-in-class solutions, consultancy and services in the following areas:

  • Content service platforms: The company delivers world-class AI-powered document management and digital asset management solutions, leveraging Hyland's Nuxeo Platform for future-proof enterprise content management solutions with a proven competitive advantage in the Arabic language. CompTechCo has also innovated and developed content-enabled vertical solutions on top of the Nuxeo Platform for correspondence management and end-to-end board meeting governance.
  • Intelligent automation: CompTechCo provides comprehensive solutions that address the full spectrum of business process management, customer journey mapping and automation and digital services orchestration as well as enable digital workforces through robotic process automation.
  • IT consultancy: CompTechCo delivers comprehensive consultancy methodologies and strategies for digital transformation, enterprise architecture and data management/governance.

CompTechCo embraces the following essential principles:

  • AI- and machine-learning-infused solutions
  • API-first architectures for seamless interoperability with internal and external data sources
  • Native cloud and micro-services architectures for delivering future-proof solutions with elastic scalability and performance, with both cloud and on-premises deployment options
  • Low-code development for expediting time to value and enabling a cultural change that promotes citizen developers
  • Omnichannel approach for delivering delightful experiences for users, employees and customers
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