Texas DIR

Hyland Software Solutions Available through the Texas Department of Information Resources

Hyland's enterprise content management and content services platforms are now available through the Texas Department of Information Resources (TX DIR) contract DIR-TSO-4378.


Product and Service Specifications

Under DIR Contract DIR-TSO-4378, Hyland offers enterprise content management software, enterprise content management software as a service, professional services and training classes. Hyland’s software provides government solutions and services to manage content, processes and cases. These solutions are used at all government levels to eliminate paper, automate processes, capture data, manage records and develop content-enabled case management applications.


Contract Pricing and Product specifications

For pricing information, click here.


Purchasing, Quotes and Order Information, Vendors and Order Fulfillers

For additional purchasing information, quotes, or questions, please contact:

            Lisa McNeeley

            Senior Manager, Government Contracts

            [email protected]



In addition to supporting customers directly, Hyland has a specific list of authorized order fulfillers as follows:

  • Hyland LLC, non-HUB, Contact: Steph Gowin, Phone: (440) 788-5975 Fax: (440) 788-5100
  • Databank IMX, non-HUB, Contact: Jason Engen, Phone: (651) 707-7622 Fax: (651) 707-7622
  • ImageSoft, Inc., non-HUB, Contact: Vince Hanson, Phone: (248) 948-8100 ext 213 Fax: (248) 948-8146
  • Keymark, Inc., non-HUB, Contact: Michael Grunden, Phone: (717) 364-3708 Fax: (864) 343-0402
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., non-HUB, Contact: Jeff Tinkle, Phone: (972) 979-4033 Fax: (703) 506-1257
  • Qnet, Inc. dba: Qnet Information Services, HUB vendor, Contact: Larry Hall, Phone: 214-341-7638 Fax: (972) 619-6122
  • Requordit, Inc., non-HUB, Contact: Mark Buckley, Phone: (312) 332-9200 ext 201 Fax: (312) 267-5333
  • Xerox Corporation, non-HUB, Contact: Marlon Miller, Phone: (202) 962-6546 Fax: (203) 968-3917
  • Next Phase Solutions, non-HUB, Contact: David Godiksen, Phone: (407) 440-1411 Fax: (407) 440-1411
  • iBridge Group Inc, HUB vendor, Contact: Jennifer Cumpian, Phone: (512) 831-3399 Fax: (512)857-0541
  • SHI International, Inc., non-HUB, Contact: Denise Verdicchio, Phone: (908) 884-1389 Fax: (512) 475-4759

Accessibility Information

For Product Accessibility information, please see the Hyland Community site.


Warranty and return policies (need Hyland’s Language)

In general, OnBase software products are covered by a 60-day limited warranty.  Full details are provided in the End User License Agreement (EULA).


Find out more about Hyland’s Texas DIR Contract

View Hyland’s contract on the Texas Department of Information Resources website.

About the Texas DIR Cooperative Contract

For more about the Texas DIR Cooperative Contract Program, read more here.

HUB Progress Assessment Report

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