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Conformance and standards

Advancing the development of standards that drive the healthcare industry forward.

Seamlessly sharing healthcare data among distributed information systems is difficult. The adoption of and adherence to clear, well-defined standards is absolutely crucial to health data interoperability. If the vendors you partner with don’t conform to agreed-upon industry standards, then the clinical information these systems manage may remain trapped in proprietary siloes.

Hyland Healthcare understands the essential role standards play in the evolution of health IT interoperability. We’ve dedicated countless hours to ensuring our products not only conform to, but help advance the development of standards in the healthcare industry. We are regular participants in and contributors to the annual IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Connectathon and ensure our solutions comply with the latest industry standards including DICOM, HL7, FHIR and more. Feel free to download any of the conformance statements and certifications available on this page for complete transparency into our commitment to this effort.