Guidewire and Hyland

Maximize the value of your Guidewire investment

Like most insurers, you may only see a fraction of the customer information you need to open a new policy or process a claim. By aligning your Guidewire strategy with Hyland's content services platform, you can get a complete view of your customer – and reduce implementation times by more than 50 percent.

Accelerate success

Hyland’s content services platform extends and complements the value of Guidewire applications. More than just software, the Ready for Guidewire OnBase solution accelerators provide a package of Guidewire-tested-and-approved software capabilities, Hyland professional services and ongoing customer support. The OnBase accelerators for Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ provide pre-built and proven capabilities for Guidewire customers to solve the technical and business process challenges associated with:

  • Inbound document capture
  • Integrated document viewing within InsuranceSuite
  • Outbound document packaging, composition and secure file distribution

These accelerators make it unnecessary to re-invent the wheel for each client engagement. That means P&C customers reduce the time, cost and risks associated with incorporating content services capabilities as part of their Guidewire core transformation initiatives.

One team effort

Hyland supports a Guidewire-focused development team that works shoulder-to-shoulder with Guidewire’s development department. The results are stronger integrations and product enhancements. We also maintain a Guidewire-focused implementation and technical services team with a single mission of delivering consistent results during deployments and upgrades.

Hyland and Guidewire have developed a meaningful collaboration, creating achievable – and impressive – results for our joint customers.