Cognizant integration

Improve productivity, empower decision-making and speed claims processing

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In today’s high-cost, highly regulated claims environment, Healthcare payers face tremendous pressure. Providing immediate access to the information their staff members need to accurately investigate and settle a claim not only eases their burden, it also lessens the risk of claims leakage for the insurers.

The Cognizant integration with OnBase provides a seamless integration to complement and extend the care management and claims experience. The integration includes:

  • TriZetto Facets®
  • CareAdvance Enterprise®
  • QNXT™

Claims adjusters enjoy instant access to claims and policy documents from within their familiar Cognizant displays. This reduces the number of steps required to create certain activities records, freeing the adjuster to perform higher value tasks.

Activities in Cognizant prompt OnBase to initiate ancillary processes, such as medical review, subrogation, and litigation automatically to expedite claims processing.

With information stored in a single document repository, care managers no longer need to search for files. Rather, they access files directly from within the Cognizant application they use.

Technical benefits of integrating OnBase with Cognizant:

  • No development required. Point-and-click configurable components provide out-of-the-box configuration with no coding or API programming to achieve the integration.
  • Independent upgrades. Customers may upgrade their Cognizant system independently of their OnBase system. This ensures the connectors will work across various versions of OnBase and Cognizant applications.
  • Robust, fault-tolerant messaging infrastructure. Hyland leverages the OnBase Enterprise Integration Server to complete the Cognizant integration.