A Radiology Solution for Today’s Virtual World

Today’s radiologists are faced with pressure from so many directions. Although adoption of value-based care has been slower than expected, it is inevitable. With declining reimbursements, radiologists must read more studies while still ensuring diagnostic accuracy.

Compliance requirements continue to rise, which impacts radiologists’ practices — and at the same time, referring physicians and patients demand faster results. They must constantly focus on productivity which severely limits available time for reading journals and keeping up with new developments in the profession.

While early experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are promising, some radiologists still fear its impact on their role. Radiology is a changing profession — and that evolution demands that radiologists be increasingly adaptable and efficient.

A crucial element in solving these challenges is having the right technology.

Hyland’s Diagnostic Imaging solution provides:

  • Anywhere, anytime access to medical images
  • Fast access to studies on workstations, laptops or mobile devices
  • Access to a patient’s record in the EMR
  • Easy-to-use collaboration tools and image sharing
  • Enterprise workflow optimization

Imagine a world in which the radiology department’s workflow is streamlined across the enterprise, regardless of each radiologists’ physical location. Where virtual collaboration is encouraged and enabled between peers and referring physicians across the health system. A world in which every image, even those captured on mobile phones or in a separate PACS, are accessible by radiologists and referring physicians at-home or at any one of the health system’s hospitals.

All of this leads to radiologist spending less time looking for prior studies by providing easier access to clinical information that supports a diagnosis.

Advanced Visualization

Real-time collaboration

     Image Sharing                

    Simple, fast access         

Rules-based workflow optimization

  Workload balancing          across sites                       

Integration with PACS, RIS, VNA and EMR

A platform that supports efficiency and productivity

Streamlined Radiology Workflow

Streamline your radiology workflow from beginning to end and improve productivity with a solution that includes an integrated universal patient list and workflow optimizer. The workflow optimizer connects with any PACS or VNA and intelligently route and distribute imaging studies based on parameters that your group defines. The solution ensures that each study goes to the most appropriate physician for interpretation. And a load-balancing algorithm balances the work across all locations to improve the physician work experience, department efficiency and ultimately the quality of diagnoses.

Radiologists can view their images automatically, so they don’t have to keep returning to the worklist to move to the next image. An interrupted workflow management tool recognizes interruption events and maintains the context and state of these studies, enabling the radiologist to pick back up and resume from where they left off.

Productive Reading

A universal, vendor independent viewer that integrates with the EMR provides radiologists and referring physicians with secure and fast access to patient images on a workstation, laptop or even a mobile device. Using mobile devices, radiologists can discuss cases with colleagues and patients on-the-go. When a patient image is loaded, prior studies ordered by anatomical adjacency are also viewable so the images that are most likely to be relevant to the current study are available. This provides a significant time savings, as the radiologist doesn’t need to search for relevant priors.