Image Viewing for the Entire Enterprise

NilRead is a robust diagnostic universal viewer for your entire enterprise. It can handle your most basic viewing needs as well as the advanced clinical visualization requirements of today’s radiology departments. It all depends on how you configure the software.

It is a vendor-independent platform for accessing a full range of DICOM and non-DICOM image data from virtually any departmental archiving solution, whether dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology or radiation oncology. Based on a true zero-footprint, web-based architecture – there is nothing to install and images never reside on the workstation.

Hyland provides a single, flexible licensing model that allows you to configure the viewer by user, department, or site. This includes features that provide rich enterprise viewing of 2D image sets, post-processing tools such as MPR and 3D, as well as measurement tools and native collaboration features. The feature set can also be expanded to support a primary diagnostic solution with advanced visualization tools for a full range of specialties, including but not limited to radiology, mammography, orthopedics, GI, ophthalmology, and dental.

NilRead Enterprise Viewer shows DICOM and non-DICOM file types side by side.

No more departmental silos

NilRead is a single, universal viewing solution that empowers physicians to view medical images and clinical content in any format across the enterprise.

Anytime, anywhere access

With NilRead, images can be viewed on any computer, primary reading station, tablet or mobile device from any location with a connection.

Zero-footprint technology

NilRead is a pure zero-footprint diagnostic universal viewer with no software to install, or restrictions on browser use. NilRead does not require a plugin and can be deployed immediately, from anywhere, with little to no IT support.

Streamlined Collaboration

Universal, diagnostic, enterprise-wide access to images and content, significantly enhances patient care. With NilRead’s powerful collaboration tools, clinicians discuss and decide in real time, driving faster informed decisions and more precise treatment.

EMR Integration

NilRead integrates with any enterprise medical record (EMR) solutions utilizing a standard API allowing physicians to view vital imaging information in context of the patient record.

Gain full visibility and control over all your point-of-care images

NilRead enterprise viewer overview