The Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is a powerful image management system that consolidates imaging data throughout the enterprise into a single repository that communicates seamlessly with core health information technology systems — such as electronic medical records (EMR)/electronic health records (EHR) and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). Through standardized data formatting, vendor neutral archives provide healthcare organizations with true ownership of all their DICOM and non-DICOM imaging information.  

With Acuo healthcare software, your imaging platform is highly scalable and ready for change. Acuo’s multi-tiered vendor neutral archive architecture retains a full history of image ownership, allowing images to move easily with a hospital through mergers, acquisitions and new business models. And if you want to take advantage of centralized image management while continuing to support individual department preferences, workflow and data-ownership, Acuo VNA is one of the few vendor neutral archive solutions that can support this capability. 

With flexible deployment options including on-site, cloud and hybrid, Acuo can support your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies while providing a platform for clinical content integration, interoperability and exchange.

Enterprise-first imaging with Acuo VNA

Benefits of Acuo VNA:

  • Eliminate vendor lock and block
  • Image-enable the EMR
  • Streamline clinical workflows
  • Facilitate image sharing and collaboration
  • Promote security and disaster recovery

Easy administration

Our Acuo Admin Portal gives you the flexibility to easily manage change throughout your entire imaging environment. This zero-footprint interface allows administrators and power users to access many of the most commonly used administrative functions from any browser-enabled desktop. This capability allows users to apply changes and updates to all Acuo servers simultaneously as opposed to connecting to one server at a time, simplifying and accelerating change management.

  • Acuo Admin Portal home screen

With Acuo Admin Portal, you can manage routes, user permissions, PHI policies, XDS registry/repository and UID conflicts. Plus, the portal provides an enterprise reporting platform that delivers powerful insights into the performance of your VNA infrastructure.

  • Acuo Admin Portal volume analysis

Streamline vendor neutral archive management with Acuo Admin Portal

Enhanced quality assurance

Acuo VNA comes equipped with a full suite of base quality assurance functions and our Acuo Advanced QC solution provides administrators with an advanced level of functionality. This add-on module includes a built-in viewer, shutter, masking, video editing and the ability to burn in labels, providing a rich series of resources in which to manage your image QC workflows.

  • Visually move series
  • Shutter images
  • Acuo Advanced QC built-in viewer

Built for Interoperability

Hyland’s vendor neutral archive is a medical imaging technology designed from the ground up to support enterprise-wide interoperability. We’ve tested our VNA extensively at IHE Connectathons (click here to view our conformance documentation), so you can rest easy knowing it will support a variety of healthcare software systems and applications — ensuring you have secure access to your content whenever it’s required.

Acuo VNA also stores medical images in all major image formats and utilizes standards like HL7, DICOM, DICOMweb and FHIR, so you can facilitate downstream workflows and push imaging content to clinical users to drive medical decisions and support patient care.

Finally, Acuo’s add-on XDS registry and XCA gateway facilitates information exchange, helping you share document and imaging data both inside and outside your health system.