Department of Defense (DOD)

Automate military processes, lower operating costs and increase efficiency

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“This solution complements existing systems with workflow functionality so you can easily capture, access and route documents to service members, supervisors, colleagues and other agencies on base.”

The military is constantly issued new challenges, whether they take place on-the-ground or in the back-office. From budget constraints and legislative challenges to under-staffing, it’s more important than ever that military staff have the technology tools they need to efficiently complete administrative and asset management tasks so they can focus on the mission at hand.

Hyland’s leading content services platform can help military bases reduce costs and reclaim staff time by integrating systems and automating processes for faster decisions, centralizing and securing important information, and by enabling mobile access so field personnel can work on-the-go.

Facilities and asset management

Military bases have some of the most expensive, secret and secure facilities and assets, so managing it all calls for efficient processes and coordination. Such large and critical assets often involve piles of documentation, difficult-to-store formats and multiple storage locations.

But, managing work and services orders with files and paper-based processes is inefficient, slow and unsecure, and important asset maintenance and construction can get delayed when necessary information is siloed in different places. Additionally, the lack of real-time and field access to documents and content makes it hard to manage work, inspect processes and sign off on completions.

Go digital to manage crucial assets efficiently

With Hyland’s facilities management solution, all the content needed to maintain facilities is stored in a central, secure document repository. Staff can easily search a single location for all relevant documentation for infrastructure and assets – and access information from any location or in the field. Transforming facility work requests with workflow automation enables you to easily dispatch service requests, schedule and track their progress, and report on all activities. Digitized content secures asset records without incurring storage space and costs.

Personnel file management

Managing military personnel files can be a time-consuming, costly process when information is stored in disparate systems of record or requires digging through paper-based files. Staff can overcome these challenges and increase the efficiency of their work with Hyland’s military personnel file management solution, which offers complete visibility into any records associated with a service member. The platform creates a single source for electronically accessing files, prioritizes the security of personnel files and simplifies file retention policy compliance.

Simplify military personnel file management

Hyland’s military personnel file management solution capabilities include workflow functionality so personnel can easily capture, access and route documents to service members, supervisors, colleagues and other agencies on base. Busy administrators can improve collaboration, facilitate compliance reporting and streamline daily processes by leveraging Hyland’s core application integration capabilities, all while driving efficiency and containing costs.

The result is faster, more efficient management of the entire service member’s personnel record, including solutions for in- and out-processing, background checks, sexual assault prevention and response management, and substance abuse program management.