Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Deliver convenient, transparent public records request fulfillment

Responding to constituent and media FOIA requests in an efficient and timely way is a constant challenge for government agencies. Manually processing paper requests and creating response correspondence is time consuming and can cause frustration for those who made the requests when responses are delayed or incomplete.

Simplify the management of FOIA requests

Hyland’s leading content services platform simplifies FOIA request management – from submission to fulfillment – with a complete digital solution that enables agencies to speed responses and enhance constituent engagement while ensuring compliance with all requirements. From web-based submissions to automated, electronic delivery of report requests, Hyland’s FOIA Request Management solution streamlines the collection and management of documents and communications while increasing convenience and transparency.

Government agencies of all sizes can benefit from the FOIA Request Management solution’s seamless integration, which allows users to realize powerful document management functionality from within familiar host environments.

With this solution, your agency can:

  • Streamline the collection of FOIA requests regardless of how they are received (phone call, fax, letter, email or e-form)
  • Route FOIA requests to the dedicated public information officer (PIO) with automated workflow, notifications and timers
  • Quickly create automated, cost-effective and customized correspondence using a customer communications management solution
  • Leverage powerful enterprise search technology to easily locate potential records required to fully complete requests
  • Ensure integrity of confidential information to comply with industry-standard security mandates
  • View dashboards that provide reports on open requests, request types and assigned departments for increased visibility into bottlenecks that slow fulfillment
  • Prove due diligence for searching for each record and determining which are appropriate for public consumption