Citizen Engagement

Enhance citizen engagement through modern technology

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85 percent of citizens expect the same or higher quality from government digital services as from commercial organizations. - Accenture

The federal government is facing growing pressure to enhance citizen engagement and deliver a more seamless experience. Constituents today expect their interactions with the government to mirror their experience with private sector entities, from mobile convenience and online accessibility to transparency, security and speed.

Delivering faster and better constituent service

Federal agencies serve constituents who are used to communicating with customer service centers from wherever they are, with just a few touches on their mobile phone. Meeting their increasing demands for more personalized citizen services can seem like a challenge, but with Hyland’s leading content services platform as a foundation, a more efficient approach to citizen engagement will not only meet today’s expectations – it can also evolve to meet tomorrow’s.

With today’s challenges, there has never been a greater need for technology and digital services to better serve citizens and continue delivery of mission-critical programs while empowering staff and fostering greater trust in government. Hyland’s comprehensive content services leverage capabilities like automated capture of paper documents, online and mobile access, and self-service portals, allowing citizens to engage with agencies through their preferred channels.

To cultivate seamless engagement with citizens, deploy Hyland’s solutions for the following services and programs: