Hyland Hy-Tech Club

Spring Hy-Tech Club Application Due January 23, 2019

Hy-Tech Club is for students in GRADES 9-12 who want to learn how to code. The Club meets on a weekly basis at Hyland’s Global Headquarters in Westlake, Ohio. Check out this video to learn more about the Hy-Tech Club.

The first meetings of the SPRING 2019 semester will be FEBRUARY 5 or 6 2019, depending on the section in which you are placed. The semester will run for 12 weeks and students should only apply if they can commit to weekly meetings. We strongly suggest students look at their schedules before applying to Hy-Tech Club.

We are teaching the following classes in Spring 2019:

Web Design 101: HTML & CSS (Tuesdays)
  • This course covers the basics of web development, introducing static webpages and styles. By the end of the semester, students will be able to create their own webpages using the HTML language to build structure, and the CSS language to add style.
Web Design 102: JavaScript (Wednesdays)
  • This course covers the JavaScript programming language in depth, and introduces general programming concepts. By the end of the semester, students will be familiar with basic programming, and will be able to use JavaScript to add interactivity to webpages.
C# 101: Intro to C# (Tuesdays)
  • This course introduces the C# programming language, and delves into primary programming concepts at a deep level. By the end of the semester, students will feel comfortable developing simple console applications using basic C# structures.
C# 102: Advanced C# (Wednesdays)
  • This course introduces advanced programming concepts using the C# programming language. By the end of the semester, students will be able to develop visual applications in C# using advanced programming patterns and data structures.
Software Development Capstone (Wednesdays)
  • This course offers students the opportunity to complete a team-based semester-long project using a technology of their choosing. Students will learn about agile methodology, along with other software development practices including pair programming, testing, product ownership, and user experience.
There are two separate applications; 1 for new students and 1 for former Hy-Tech Club Students. Only 1 application needs to be completed.
Students are required to complete all pieces of the application by WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23 2019. All applications must be filled out by the student, in the student's own words. We are asking that parents do not fill out the application for their child.
**Please note that parents must submit the online application for children under the age of 13. Children under the age of 13 must write their own answers, but parents must take the steps on this website to submit the online application for them. This website is not intended for children under the age of 13.
Students will be notified (via the e-mail addresses on their application) whether or not they were accepted on FRIDAY, JANUARY 25 2019.

New Student Application:

This application is for students who have not been in Hy-Tech Club before (please note this program is different from Hy-Tech Camps)
New students will be applying for WEB DESIGN 101 which teaches HTML & CSS

This section will meet every TUESDAY EVENING from 5-7:30PM starting on FEBRUARY 5, ending APRIL 30 2019

If a student has not been in Hy-Tech Club before, but has programming experience, they may be considered for WEB DESIGN 102 (Wednesdays), C# 101 (Tuesdays) or C# 102 (Wednesdays)
  • Students who wish to be considered for C#102 will be required to take a programming assessment
  • New student applicants who think they may be considered for other classes, but have scheduling conflicts with either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, should make a note of that in one of their essay answers


Essay Questions: Students have to write answers in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to the online application

1) Tell us why becoming a member of the Hy-Tech Club is important to you

2) Tell us why you want to learn how to code in the Hy-Tech Club, or if you already know how to code, tell us why you want to learn more

A recommendation letter:

1) This can be from a current or former teacher

2) Must be emailed to [email protected] by JANUARY 23 2019

3) Must be sent directly from the teacher's school e-mail address

Answers the prompt: "Please tell us why this student would be an exemplary member of Hy-Tech Club"

  • This recommendation should speak to the student's work ethic and academic performance, and it does not need to speak to the student's programming experience
  • If you've applied in the past and used a teacher recommendation on your previous application, you do not need to turn in another recommendation


Former Hy-Tech Club Student Application:

This application is for students who have previously been active students in Hy-Tech Club

Former students should have received an e-mail with instructions on which classes they are eligible to take

  • If you are a former student and you are not sure which class you are being considered for, please e-mail [email protected]


Essay Questions:

1) Please provide detailed examples of how being a part of the Club has benefited you

2) Please provide detailed examples about your favorite experience working on a Hy-Tech Club project


How the Club Started

Students at our Hy-Tech Camps in 2014 decided they wanted more from their group learning experience, and the Hy-Tech Club was born. After a short application process, students meet each week after school where they learn about new tech concepts and work on projects to present at the end of the semester.

Over the years we have taught our students a variety of programming languages. We started with teaching HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and now we offer classes on C# programming and topics like Game Design.

Student Testimonials

“I am learning a lot of new things about programming, and how they are used in ‘real life situations’. The instructors explain the material thoroughly and they help explain it to us individually if we don't understand what we are learning (without just giving us the answers).” - Kylie, grade 9

"I have loved the structured approach of learning to code. Over the years I have taught myself what I needed to know, so my knowledge was spotty.”- Max, grade 10 “The fact that I get to actually meet people who share my interests.” - Bailey, grade 12