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UK bank 

One of the UK's largest banks created a differentiated user experience using the Nuxeo Platform.

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To compete in the fast-paced financial services sector, one of the UK’s largest banks wanted to deploy a next-generation Content Services Platform (CSP) to help create a differentiated user experience.

The company also wanted to connect and consolidate its systems that stored the growing volumes of information scattered across a global array of branches. By doing so, the financial institution would better facilitate operational efficiencies and ease compliance with new and more demanding regulations and security requirements - such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The bank’s in-house technical team worked for months to develop a home-grown solution before realizing the task was too time-consuming, costly, and complex. That’s when they turned to Hyland for help.

Billions of documents in multiple systems

With hundreds of branch offices and more than 20,000 employees worldwide, the bank had high-pressure demands to satisfy the needs of more than 14 million active customers. The organization generated a massive amount of customer information (i.e. contracts, account statements, emails, SMS messages, etc.), which were estimated at 2.5 billion+ documents. One of the problems was that many of these were duplicates stored across multiple systems and departments on various content management platforms. The bank’s rapid growth further exacerbated this issue as time went on.

The bank’s legacy content management system could no longer reliably manage the growing volume of documents and simultaneous users. It needed to future-proof its business with a scalable platform that could connect information from across silos and provide a single source of truth.

The bank initially tried to build another content management system in-house, but a lack of domain knowledge and shifting priorities produced spiraling costs and ongoing delays. Bank leadership soon recognized that this approach was untenable, and pivoted to the Nuxeo Content Services Platform (CSP).

An agile approach to document migration and compliance

The bank chose the Nuxeo Platform because it provided a flexible metadata model that made it fast and easy to migrate the bank’s 2.5 billion+ legacy documents into its platform. Leveraging the power of Nuxeo Platform’s API, they could also seamlessly connect with their existing user interface to provide a superior customer experience and maintain competitive service differentiation.

In addition, the Nuxeo Platform helped the bank with the increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements, such as GDPR. The new rules include auditing and security regulations designed to protect investors and ensure financial stability, accountability, and transparency. Financial services organizations are now required to keep vital records and information for a designated period of time, for example, and are subject to steep fines and penalties if they don’t. They’re also required to promptly respond to individual subject access requests (SARs).

To meet these requirements and avoid penalties, the bank needed to streamline its information management systems and processes, and create a reliable audit system for tracking requests and delivering comprehensive SARs reports.

Another important consideration in choosing Nuxeo Platform was the responsiveness of the Hyland team. When the bank initially reached out to Hyland, team members received a reply to their query almost immediately, including receiving in-depth answers to questions in the early stages of the project. Seeing an experienced, responsive team that had enterprise skills but with ‘start-up’ speed reinforced the technology vendor choice for the bank.

But the critical deciding factor was Nuxeo Platform’s modern, open source platform, which enables the bank’s technical team to become more agile in how they develop and deploy new applications. They wanted a solution that would help drive digital transformation and realized quickly that legacy ECM solutions couldn’t get them where they wanted to go.

A future of automated processes and smart content management

Today the bank is using Nuxeo Platform primarily as a tool to address information management, security, and customer data privacy challenges. The platform provides broad connectivity to content that lives in a variety of different systems and repositories. It’s built on cloud-native architecture that can be readily deployed anywhere and scales efficiently. And it provides robust capabilities to manage both text and non-text content types, such as audio and video.

Looking ahead, the bank is developing a new app with upgraded mapping features that leverage the platform's intelligent content management capabilities. Customers will be able to look at a statement on their mobile device and the system will automatically bring all the relevant data forward and present it in way that is personalized for each user. Beyond documents, the bank is also working on an updated identification feature that enables customers to simply upload a snapshot of their passport, driver’s license, or utility bill and automatically update all their personal information across the bank’s systems.

One of the key challenges of content management has always been that it can be very labor intensive to add content. So Hyland will soon begin working with the bank to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and create a trainable engine for metadata extraction. By applying metadata to content, the bank can begin to automate processes by which new content is added to the system.

Competing in today’s financial services industry is a challenge, but thanks to Nuxeo Platform, the bank has finally reached a turning point on its path to developing the next-generation content platform it needs to meet new age customer and business demands. The platform provides a foundational technology that allows them to overcome those hurdles, sharpen operational efficiencies, and develop the requisite speed, agility, and flexibility to offer innovative services and products that will ultimately allow the bank to thrive – both now and long into the future.

Watch this video to understand how they improve their customer experience with Nuxeo Platform: