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The Renault Group, which includes Renault, Dacia, Alpine, and Mobilize, is a major player in the mobility industry.

Renault, with its headquarters in France, operates on a global scale, maintaining a presence on four continents through its labs, design and engineering centers, and factories. It also has commercial entities across five continents. The Renault Group, which includes Renault, Dacia, Alpine, and Mobilize, is a major player in the mobility industry.

A digital transformation journey begins

Renault recently embarked on a digital transformation journey with their ASK2 project. The ASK2 project aimed to address challenges related to document management, collaboration, and information retrieval within Renault's extensive global operations.

The business sought to consolidate vast amounts of knowledge scattered across seven different information systems into one unified platform. The company aimed to digitize and streamline approval processes, eliminating the need for physical signatures and enhancing traceability.

The need for advanced security and high performance

Given Renault's diverse operations, maintaining robust data security and managing data with varying levels of confidentiality were critical concerns. Renault required a solution that could accommodate users worldwide, both inside and outside the organization, while ensuring high performance and scalability.

The Nuxeo solution

After conducting a market analysis, Renault selected Hyland’s Nuxeo platform, to meet its diverse needs. The ASK2 project leveraged Nuxeo's capabilities in document management, workflow automation, and robust security features. The integration was facilitated by Hyland partner, AmeXio.

The results

Six out of seven databases were successfully migrated to Nuxeo, covering a wide range of documents related to products, processes, purchasing, and human resources. Nuxeo's Elasticsearch engine enabled real-time indexing, allowing users to search quickly and easily for documents using keywords. This significantly improved the user experience, with 35,000 users per month finding documents more efficiently.

Nuxeo's intuitive interface required minimal training for Renault's large user base, resulting in a smooth transition and high user satisfaction.

Nuxeo successfully addressed Renault's complex rights matrix, ensuring secure and compliant access to documents based on various conditions. The project led to a significant reduction in administrative burden. Agile methodologies and Nuxeo's capabilities allowed Renault to deliver functionalities quickly, enhancing the overall time-to-market for new features.