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French mobile telecommunications and broadband internet provider manages communication through a secure extranet portal built on the Nuxeo Platform.

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Orange, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications and broadband internet providers, uses Hyland's Nuxeo Platform for document management.

Orange manages communication with its enterprise clients through a secure extranet portal.

This document-centric extranet handles contracts, invoices and project documentation, with an emphasis on secure, managed access to well-defined sections of the portal. Because the legacy system was no longer able to manage the growing volumes of documents and simultaneous users, the company replaced it with Nuxeo Platform’s document management module as the back end.

Scaling document management

Orange already had a system in place for managing documents and making them accessible to their enterprise clients, with Documentum as the back end. The problem was essentially success.

More large enterprise clients meant more system users and a growing volume of documents to manage in the repository. The volume grew too big for the existing system, so the company had to find a better solution.

Orange developed a solution using Nuxeo Platform document management as the back end. One of the main challenges was having a clear understanding of the document sharing process and mapping that to functional and technical requirements. The system design and development was an iterative process, in collaboration with the internal users of the system. Updates every two weeks helped ensure that the project was on track to meet the functional requirements of the users.

Document sharing at enterprise level

The process of moving documents to the extranet was well-orchestrated. It required secure access for each step along the way. A manager from Orange determines which documents should be accessible on the client extranet and which person at Orange manages the process for that topic.

The combination of a modular, extensible platform and a motivated team has helped us build a solution that responds exactly to our needs.

— Cécile Brignou, Engineering Manager, France Telecom

The document sharing system needed to manage access rights for two groups of internal users, plus the external clients. For the internal users, the process of placing documents in the system for client access needed to handle large numbers of documents smoothly and efficiently.

Managing high volumes of documents

To address the issue of importing large numbers of documents in the system in a single gesture, a drag-and-drop mechanism was set up. The document import to the Nuxeo Platform takes place in a “drop box” belonging to each internal Orange user. This buffer enables the import of large numbers of documents, without transaction issues. A publication step after the import makes the documents available to external clients.

Security matters

Security, authentication and access controls were the most important aspects of the solution. There were two distinct user populations: Orange users and external client users. Some of the Orange users needed read-write access to some of the documents and some needed read-only access. Both internal and external users have access restricted to a specified criteria.

The Nuxeo Platform offers an advanced and highly configurable access control system that enables the development of a fine-grained, organization-specific definition of access control policies.

Never go legacy again

Because of the close collaboration between the project team and the internal end users, when the system was put into production, there was very positive feedback and an easy transition with high user adoption.

By replacing the legacy solution, based on Documentum, with Nuxeo Platform document management, large volumes of documents could be imported and performance issues were eliminated. End users benefit from a much more efficient online application, which translates to higher productivity for the team and better customer satisfaction.

More innovations to come

More innovations are coming in the next version of this document sharing solution, including:

  • A mechanism on the extranet for clients to subscribe to an offer, giving them access to all documents in the specific space for that offer
  • Giving external clients the possibility of uploading documents to the system