Naviant’s human resources department uses ShareBase to securely communicate with new hires—even before their first day

The company

Naviant, a nationally recognized enterprise content management (ECM) solutions integrator and business process management (BPM) consulting organization, helps their clients do more with less. Through a variety of departmental and company-wide content services solutions, Naviant helps their customers streamline processes and gain visibility into the information they need.

In addition to being a valued partner of Hyland, Naviant is a long-time user of Hyland’s suite of products, including OnBase, a content services platform for managing content, processes and cases, and ShareBase, Hyland’s cloud based solution for secure content sharing and collaboration.

The challenge

Using ShareBase, Naviant’s human resources (HR) department found a new way to leverage the software to address a crucial step in their hiring and onboarding process. When a new employee accepts a job offer, there are a variety of communications that subsequently take place between the new hire and Naviant. Historically, on the first day of employment, each employee was presented with a large quantity of benefits, payroll and HR documentation — all of it on paper. Otherwise, Naviant would pay to mail physical copies of all necessary documentation to new hires working remotely.

“We are a paperless company that automates our processes, and it seemed inefficient for us to start our new hires out with paper,” said Tricia Shields, director of human resources. “We have employees in remote locations from our headquarters’ HR department, so there was a need to be able to provide these remote individuals with information about their benefits and payroll communication and securely get completed forms back from them.”

That’s when the department realized ShareBase could rid the hiring process of its costly paper problem.

The solution

The HR team used ShareBase creatively to solve their paper problem. At the beginning of each calendar year, the team creates a new hire folder that contains all benefit and payroll documents for each new employee, who do not yet have intranet access. The folder is shared by an external web link to new hires, which enables them to access the information—and that folder only—in ShareBase, in order to view and download the files they need.

“There is this need, especially with the push towards employee engagement, to be able to communicate in an effective way with candidates, from the time they’re provided with an offer until they start,” Shields said. “How do you avoid that lull in the conversation? Sometimes it can be a month or two, and you want to keep them engaged and excited about the opportunity. ShareBase is a great way to do that.”

Each new employee is also provided with their own secure ShareBase folder, for uploading completed new hire documents. HR can access the files internally and process them right away. Password protection ensures that only the newly hired employee can access the private information by authenticating with an automatically generated pin. For further security, the folder is set to expire at a given time, disabling external access after all forms have been received and processed by HR.

ShareBase also enables an online process to allow new hires secure access to company information ahead of their onsite onboarding, without granting them premature access to internal systems prior to their start date. Accessing the documents before they start also provides them with valuable time to confer benefits information with family members.

Benefits elections that new hires make are significant family decisions. We want our new employees to know we were thinking of them ahead of time. Our new process has been very well received.

— Tricia Shields, director of human resources, Naviant

Multiple uses across departments

As Naviant rolled out ShareBase, they immediately identified another area where the product could be used to optimize business processes: managing their unique career fair.

Naviant collaborates with Hyland and Madison College in Wisconsin to present an OnBase system administrator training and certification program. At the conclusion of the course, Naviant looks to connect the recent graduates with OnBase customers who are in need of OnBase system administrators. Naviant previously hosted a traditional, inperson job fair but, due to scheduling conflicts, only about 60% of certified students participated in the fair.

“We were noticing that attendance numbers were down, which was affecting our success rate of the program. It’s difficult to find a single date that works for a larger group of people,” Shields said. “Then we had the idea to use ShareBase to connect people.”

Using ShareBase, Naviant created a virtual career fair, better serving both employers and the recent graduates/ potential employees. Their goal was to quickly connect students and employers in a virtual environment to speed up the talent acquisition process.

To do so, Naviant creates a specific ShareBase folder for each year the certification program takes place. Within this parent folder are individual folders for each graduate.

Each graduate receives password protected access to their individual folder where they have limited time to upload a portfolio of information, including their resume, OnBase certification, samples of work, short introduction videos and any other information they would like to share with prospective employers.

The parent folder containing all prospective employees is shared externally with prospective employers—the OnBase customers. Employers have 30 days to access students’ information, which helps promote a timely hiring process. Employers receive the access link in a Naviant-branded email to directly view all of the students and their documents.

By approaching the career fair this way, students have more flexibility to upload the data when it is convenient, rather than in a one-hour time block. It also gives employers the flexibility to access the data during a 30-day window, rather than in the same one-hour timeframe. ShareBase also enables the sharing of innovative materials, such as video resumes.

Candidates and employers both appreciate this flexibility and creativity. As a result, participation in the career fair has increased by nearly 100%.

The difference

To Naviant, the ability to share data securely is priceless. Their ShareBase users— both internal and external—appreciate how easy the software is to use for communication and collaboration.

ShareBase is now used across many departments in Naviant—including sales, technical teams, the back office, marketing — for a variety of innovative uses, such as managing disaster preparedness documentation and plans. In HR administration, they’re looking for ways to further automate the new hire onboarding process, using both ShareBase and OnBase, together.

ShareBase, a next-generation cloud application, is a robust solution that is an essential element of Hyland's content services portfolio.