California State Polytechnic University

Public institution goes paperless with Hyland's solutions.

Andrew Wright, the director of admissions at California State Polytechnic University, knew his staff was under immense pressure to get more done. But with the amount of oversight — “we’re run by legislation; there’s a lot of requirements” — it was difficult to speed up paper processes and retain their quality of work. With the support of Chief Information Officer John McGuthry, Wright and CSPU brought in a solution from Hyland, which streamlined work into a clean, clear process that resulted in a paperless office.

This has allowed us to get rid of those challenges for the student and really make it a seamless process for them. And really, that’s what it’s about: The student experience. Hyland understands that.

— Andrew Wright, Director of Admissions at California State Polytechnic University

The university is proud of the intentionally seamless process it’s created. It has eliminated workflow interruptions and the misplacement of documents because everything is in the system.