You have questions about what Hyland actually does, and we’ve got answers.

On this page, we paint a picture of what our customers accomplish when they use Hyland content services .

What does Hyland do?

Hyland is a leading content services provider with a range of cloud-based technologies, solutions and services. We enable thousands of organizations to deliver better experiences to the people they serve.

Our customers use Hyland solutions to navigate the complex digital ecosystem that is essential for any thriving, modern organization.

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We help our customers:

  • Eliminate paper and paper processes if they haven’t already
  • Manage their content across the enterprise
  • Connect their content across core applications
  • Streamline, automate and optimize their processes
  • Access their information quickly and securely from anywhere
  • Collaborate with ease, internally and beyond
  • Leverage their content with analytics and AI

Hyland products: Who uses them, where and why?

More than half of 2020 Fortune 100 companies are Hyland customers.
Why? Because customers like results.

Our content management platforms provide the technical infrastructure for organizations to transform siloed,
disparate data points into unified, accessible, actionable content.

What is a content services platform?

A content services platform (CSP) provides the bedrock of an organization’s strategy for managing and using content. It provides the foundation for the entire digital ecosystem by bringing all content together. 

10 ways customers use Hyland solutions

What customers say about Hyland

“Our relationship with Hyland helps give us a competitive advantage, as we leverage the software that’s incredibly important to deliver services. The flow of information is a higher pace than it’s been — ever.”

Ken Collins, CIO | SAIF