June 25, 2024

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Hyland’s latest intelligent content solution enhancements drive innovative product roadmap forward with AI-powered automated processing and insights

Hyland strengthens its long-time industry leadership with latest updates, including first service from Hyland Experience

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Hyland, the leading global provider of intelligent content solutions, continues to drive forward its innovative product roadmap with the introduction of Hyland Experience Automate, key recent enterprise updates for Alfresco and Nuxeo Platform and the implementation of several healthcare solution enhancements.

Hyland Experience Automate is one of the first services available through Hyland Experience (Hx), the company’s next-generation, cloud-native platform marking the latest in Hyland’s long-standing intelligent content solutions leadership. Along with soon-to-be-released Hyland Experience Insight (Hx Insight), Hx Automate will drive Hyland customers to deeper intelligent content automation, transforming the way they leverage artificial intelligence for content and process management and extending the capabilities of their existing platforms.

“We continue to innovate by enhancing our enterprise platforms for today and driving forward the intelligent content solutions of tomorrow,” said Leonard Kim, Hyland’s chief product officer. “We’re playing a key role in securely connecting our customers’ unstructured data and automating the processes they use every day, and in turn they’re delivering a better experience to those they serve.”

Hyland Experience Automate

Offering AI-enhanced, low-code, end-to-end content-driven process automation and service orchestration, Hx Automate recognizes the inherent synergy between content and end-to-end process automation and empowers users to build, deploy and manage content-centric automations in the cloud. Benefits include:

  • Drastic reduction in document processing cost and time 
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Integration with essential line-of-business applications 
  • AI-powered automation for process management

Alfresco platform updates

Hyland’s Alfresco platform provides customers comprehensive cloud-native content services, from document management and intelligent process management to enterprise collaboration and information governance. Latest enhancements within Alfresco include:

  • Alfresco Intelligence Services takes advantage of the latest Amazon Web Services intelligence services while enabling metadata enrichment from AI insights.
  • Alfresco Desktop Sync has been updated to provide better performance, security and reliability when synchronizing Alfresco-managed documents with user desktops.

Nuxeo Platform enhancements

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform, which was recently added to the AWS Marketplace, continues to deliver extreme scalability and performance and leading digital asset management capabilities. Updates include:

  • Nuxeo Enhanced Viewer (NEV) has new document management features that improve security, accessibility and user experience, as well as innovative tools like audio annotations and efficient redaction processes.
  • A new 3-D viewer creates a more immersive experience for customers, as you can now store, preview and do work-in-progress workflow with 3D assets.

Hyland Healthcare enhancements

Hyland provides crucial capabilities for management of unstructured healthcare data for providers across the globe. Customers now can utilize:

  • Acuo Admin Portal enhancements that increase operational efficiencies in the cloud and allow for easier solution management, reducing the time and cost of implementing and upgrading complex deployments
  • NilRead Patient Portal, a solution that empowers patients with control over their medical images; with it, patients can easily share images with other physicians or even friends and family
  • PACSgear MDR Video Touch 4k, a new integration between Hyland’s Image Management for Endoscopy and Epic Lumens that streamlines clinical workflows, improves documentation and enhances decision-making by providing access to endoscopy images within the EHR

To learn more about the latest innovation from Hyland, visit Hyland.com.

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Hyland provides industry-leading intelligent content solutions that empower customers to deliver exceptional experiences to the people they serve. Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including more than half of the Fortune 100, Hyland’s solutions connect systems and manage high volumes of diverse content to improve, accelerate and automate processes and workflows.

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