October 24, 2023

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Leaders across Hyland community explore innovation at CommunityLIVE

During his opening keynote, Hyland’s Bill Priemer invited panelists to discuss how the company empowers customers to modernize and transform their organizations.

Bill Priemer gives the keynote speeach at the 2023 CommunityLive event

The purpose of Hyland’s annual user conference, CommunityLIVE, is to help organizations innovate to provide better experiences and forge stronger connections with the people they serve. So to kick off the event, Hyland chief executive officer Bill Priemer convened a panel of fellow leaders – both from Hyland as well as customer organizations – to explore the importance of innovation in today’s business climate.

“Innovation is crucial,” Priemer said. “Because if we truly want to provide better experiences — experiences that are differentiated, that are uncommonly good — we have to do something new. Something special.”

A history of innovation

Priemer explained that innovation has always been Hyland’s driving force. That began with the company’s inception in 1991, helping small banks compete with larger ones by being first to digitalize their content, and continued with recent acquisitions that brought breakthrough technology such as blockchain-backed credentialing solutions, robotic process automation (RPA) tools and open-source-based content platforms that offer unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

Artificial intelligence has been a focus of Hyland’s recent innovation efforts and will continue to be a priority going forward. From automated document identification and categorization, to natural language-powered searching, to harnessing generative AI to formulate answers based on archived content, to increasingly automated workflows, Priemer detailed how AI will dramatically increase customers’ capabilities and the value they derive from Hyland platforms.

Innovating across the portfolio

Priemer invited John Phelan, Hyland’s chief technology officer, and Leonard Kim, Hyland’s new chief product officer, to discuss a few of the ways the company is innovating across its portfolio, unveiling the latest enhancements to its enterprise platforms, expanded RPA capabilities and a new intelligent document processing solution. They also provided an update on the next generation, cloud-native platform, Hyland Experience and highlighted how its initial services will be instrumental in enabling intelligent content automation, transforming the way organizations leverage artificial intelligence for content and process management.

“If I’ve learned anything over the past 25 years,” Phelan said, “it’s that continuous evolution is what’s required not just for us, but for all of you and your businesses. The evolution of content services, with technology like AI, is what’s driving us forward into intelligent content automation.”

Hyland's intelligent content automation strategy encompasses a powerful suite of offerings, including Hyland Experience services, Insight and Automate. Hyland Experience Insight leverages AI to optimize the decision-making process and provide advanced content enrichment and predictive analytics capabilities, while Hyland Experience Automate drives efficiency by streamlining workflows and driving complete end-to-end automation. Both services are compatible with existing Hyland platforms, allowing customers to leverage the latest innovation from Hyland Experience while maximizing the value of their current solutions.

Kim shared his perspective, stating, “When you bundle Hyland Experience Automate and Hyland Experience Insight together with robotic process automation and intelligent document processing, you begin to see the power that these services can bring,” he said. “You’re not only leveraging AI and machine learning, you’re creating intelligent content automation. And you put that automation to work for your business.”

Next, Priemer invited a series of customer representatives – including Brad Skiles from the University of Texas at Dallas and Casey Morse from Lippert Components – to share their inspiring stories of transformation.

Delivering more value to customers

To close out the session, Priemer welcomed Chris McLaughlin, Hyland’s chief revenue officer, to underscore what’s driving the company’s innovation efforts.

“Innovation is about continuously delivering more value to our customers,” McLaughlin said. “How can we help you better automate your business? How can we help you better serve your customers? The marriage between our current capabilities and our long-term ability to deliver new functionality is what delivers value for our customers. That’s what enables you to take maximum advantage of our technology, and that’s why innovation is so critical to us.”

Hyland hosted more than 1,500 attendees at this year’s CommunityLIVE for five days of product and solution enhancements, innovative customer stories and emerging trends. CommunityLIVE 2024 is set for Sept. 24-26 in Washington, D.C.

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