November 15, 2022

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Hyland releases latest content services product enhancements, including key updates for Alfresco and Nuxeo platforms

Additional enhancements include AP automation solution, new integration with Workday

Hyland, a leading content services provider, has launched its latest product enhancements and innovative solutions that will help its customers enrich and fuel their digital evolution journeys.

Those updates include important additions and considerations for key Hyland platforms, including Alfresco, Nuxeo and Perceptive Content, while the company’s industry-leading healthcare solutions now provide deeper support for diagnostic and clinician experience, allowing clinicians to focus on making better care decisions.

“We are committed to ensuring our customers have the latest technologies that empower their organizations to deliver better experiences,” said John Phelan, executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland. “We do that by continually extending the capabilities of our industry-leading suite of platforms, which positions our customers for success today and in the future.”

New innovations and enhancements within the Hyland product portfolio include:

Content Services

Alfresco platform: Hyland has developed several enhancements focused on improving access to valuable business content and user experiences as it relates to Alfresco Digital Workspace, Alfresco Mobile Workspace and integrations with Microsoft Teams. With simplified upgrade processes and standardized workflows, these enhancements enable users to act on critical content with accuracy at appropriate times. Additionally, Alfresco platform administrators have access to tools to control security and retention for the cloud platforms.

Perceptive Content: Perceptive Content users will benefit from improvements in performance, scalability, security and serviceability to existing tools. Additionally, new browser-based clients will leverage the Hyland User Interface (UI) and reusable components that are part of every Hyland product.

Digital Asset Management

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform: Several platform updates have been made to support better functionality and storage for organizations. Specifically, these improvements are:

  • Compound Document V2:  Enabling organizations to be more productive, this release supports the management of compound documents throughout Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform DAM processes, including upload, preview, versioning, search, share and approval workflows, which provides easier management and search related to parent/child relationships.
  • Disable dependencies: Users will have improved control over dependencies to fine-tune the multilayer development model and avoid unpredictable interactions.

Intelligent Capture and Automated Data Extraction

Hyland AP Automation solutions: Bringing greater efficiency to invoice processing and matching, users will appreciate the enhanced functionalities to Brainware for Invoices. New features include the ability to look up company codes directly from the Brainware verifier form and set up the invoice type based on the invoice history. Additionally, Brainware will offer dynamic payment terms to allow for payments to be made faster once invoices are approved. This also supports German and French invoices.

Hyland Direct Spend Matching for Workday: The new integrated solution provides Workday Financial users the ability to reduce manual indexing and efficiently gather data across multiple accounts payable (AP) documents. With greater visibility to content, users can expect faster procure-to-pay cycles to validate AP documents to post invoices for payment.

Hyland Healthcare

Intelligent Diagnostic Imaging: Improving the diagnostic and clinician experience, the solution eliminates silos and multidepartmental systems by providing meaningful workflows to enable better decision-making.

Hyland Clinician Window: Providing physicians a single, holistic view of multiple patient documents, medical images and multimedia files, the solution offers unified full-text search to give clinicians seamless access to unstructured data from multiple repositories, helping them drive better patient outcomes.

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Joel Hammond
Manager, External Relations