December 14, 2021

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Hyland drives significant growth in robotic process automation as enterprises see value in efficiency, accuracy

Horry County, S.C., among new RPA customers who integrate automation tool into content services platform

Hyland, a leading content services provider recently named a Leader in the industry for the 12th straight year by Gartner, has welcomed Horry County, S.C., to the company’s growing roster of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) customers.

Hyland RPA provides scalable automation solutions to enterprises by securely and accurately automating high-volume, redundant tasks. As robots automate rule-based tasks, employees get more bandwidth to work on higher strategic initiatives.

Horry County, for example, processes more than 90,000 personal property tax returns, and until recently, did so by relying on limited staff to manually extract, verify and key in data across several disconnected applications. Three years ago, Horry County partnered with Hyland to reduce the volume of paper records with OnBase by leveraging a new electronic tax form submission, among other processes.

Document processing remained tediously manual until the entry of Hyland RPA into the system. Hyland RPA was an intuitive choice as there is an easy integration with OnBase, and within the first year of intervention, robots accurately and securely processed a third of 90,000 returns without any human intervention.

“Hyland RPA’s tight integration with OnBase made this a no-brainer,” said Tim Oliver, Horry County’s chief information officer. “Our investment of time into building out the solution has paid off, as we’ve reduced the number of errors and exceptions in the process. We’re already thinking about what is next for Hyland RPA and Horry County.”

Other industries where Hyland RPA is making a difference for customers include Insurance, Government, Public Utilities and more. One such Insurance customer is Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, which chose OnBase to automate business processes, increase claim processing speed and accuracy, and enhance relationships with its customers. Yet as the company continued to grow and offer new services to its customers, its staff was overworked and those relationships suffered: FDLIC was selling 2,000 contracts each week with just eight staff members.

FDLIC turned to Hyland RPA, fully integrated with OnBase, and its employees’ productivity increased significantly. They were able to handle large volumes of contracts and focus on exceptions, build relationships with customers and deliver quicker, more accurate work.

“Before investing in RPA, we were looking into hiring additional staff to assist in time-consuming, manual processes,” said Kyle Swearingen, VP of development at Funeral Directors Life. “Instead, now our bots are handling the highly repetitive tasks, giving employees the ability to focus their time and effort on more important, high-value work that enhances customer experience and service.”

Besides freeing up employees from mundane work and boosting their morale, Hyland RPA provides accelerated ROI, increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency. Within one month, FDLIC saw an 88 percent return on bot investment as bots settled 95 percent of FDLIC’s incoming contracts. Its claims department began saving approximately seven minutes and $4.36 per claim, while processing about 27,000 claims per year. The company estimates that it saved approximately 20,000 hours of manual effort over a time period of two years while their claims processing volume surged by over $15 million.

“More and more customers are discovering the benefits of incorporating RPA into their larger content services strategies,” said Tim Tallaksen, director of intelligent processing automation solutions at Hyland. “Those benefits are clear: By leveraging bots to accomplish repetitive activities, they’re able to more effectively manage digital workflows, improve process efficiency and accuracy and reduce operational costs.”

Joel Hammond
Manager, External Relations