Customer Snapshot: Mining

AP automation results in $5 million annual savings for mining company

For North America’s largest iron ore pellet producer, manually processing nearly 360,000 invoices a year resulted in slow and labor-intensive accounts payable (AP) operations. Relying on paper-based, decentralized processes also meant a lack of visibility into the status of invoice processing — which led to process bottlenecks, duplicate efforts and missing out on early-pay discounts.

The company sought to transform its AP processes. Download the customer snapshot to learn how Hyland’s AP automation solution helped the company:

  • Realize significant savings with improved visibility
  • Eliminate manual data entry by automating invoice data capture
  • Increase the AP department’s capacity to process a higher volume of invoices

By automating invoice processing, the company is able to streamline its AP operations and realize greater efficiency — allowing staff to be relocated to higher-value tasks.