Medical records scanning and indexing

Improve medical records scanning and indexing tasks <br>for faster, more accurate coding and care decisions

When coders work with bad data, it creates reimbursement delays — robbing your organisation of the time that could’ve been spent processing new claims instead of re-working incorrect ones. However, for clinicians, bad — or missing — data impacts care decisions, jeopardising patient safety.  

Ensuring your coders and clinicians have the right information, when and where they need it, starts with having a better way to capture it.

Hyland Healthcare offers healthcare organisations medical records scanning and indexing solutions to empower more informed care decisions while eliminating error-prone manual tasks and tedious re-work for faster and more accurate coding processes and better patient outcomes. 

Reduce reimbursement delays with faster, more accurate coding 

As medical records come in to your organisation, Hyland automatically scans and indexes them by document type, associates them with the correct patient record and securely stores them in a centralised OnBase electronic repository for immediate access by authorised users. OnBase’s native business process management tools then immediately route charts to the appropriate coders, ensuring a balanced workload across your team.  

With Hyland's medical records scanning and indexing solution, healthcare organisations: 

  • Eliminate costs of transporting and storing paper records
  • Improve downstream Medical Records Management tasks, like deficiency management and subject access request
  • Increase accuracy while improving productivity and speed 
  • Allow coders to easily work remotely, offering access to the necessary content through OnBase or the EPR 

Improve quality and efficiency with a proven healthcare solution

With more than 1,800 healthcare customers and over 15,500 lifetime customers, Hyland has an unparalleled record of projects delivered on time and on budget. In working with Hyland, you choose a low-risk pathway to content management. 

With easy-to-use features and tight integrations with more than 500 applications, including EPRs such as Epic, Allscripts, Meditech and Cerner, users adopt OnBase quickly. Maximising return on investment, the flexible and scalable solution with case management and business process capabilities expands across the enterprise to deliver value to all of your clinical and corporate records departments.