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Interacting with Hyland Sourcing

Invoices and payment information


  1. Required Information
  2. All invoices must include the following information:

    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Purchase order number
      • The purchase order number is included in the upper right hand corner of the purchase order.
    • The name of the Hyland entity that issued the purchase order
      • The Hyland entity name is in the upper left hand corner of the purchase order
    • Line details
    • Remit-to address
    • Month good or service was provided
  3. Valid Purchase Order
  4. Make sure there is an active/valid PO number

    • The invoice should align with the required date on the purchase order
    • The purchase order should be made out to the vendor listed on the invoice
    • The purchase order should have available funds to cover the invoice amount
    • The purchase order line description should match the invoice description
  5. Where to send the invoice
  6. Invoices must be sent electronically to [email protected]

    • Upon submitting an invoice to [email protected], you will receive an automated response if the invoice does not meet Hyland's required information listed above. If you do not receive an email response, the invoice will be processed by Accounts Payable.
  7. Payment Status Inquiries
  8. Where to send a statement
  9. Notifications and Announcements
    • If your business name, account number or business address change, etc. Please send an e-mail to [email protected].


  1. Payment methods
    • Hyland will determine the preferred method of payment.
  2. Payment terms
  3. Payment terms are negotiated by the Sourcing department and will be included on the purchase order.

    • If Hyland and vendor have both signed a written agreement on or before the date Hyland places a purchase order, which relates specifically to the goods or services covered by the purchase order and which is effective at the date Hyland places the purchase order, then the purchase order incorporates the provisions of that agreement. If any conflict exists or arises between the terms of the purchase order and the terms of that agreement, then the terms of that agreement will apply. If Hyland and vendor are parties to more than one agreement described in the preceding sentence and the terms of those agreements have similar or contradictory terms, then the most favorable terms to Hyland will apply, except to the extent the result would be unconscionable or prohibited by law. No other, additional or different terms will supersede the terms of the purchase order.
  4. How to submit a credit memo
    • If you issue a credit to Hyland, send a credit memo to [email protected] to be processed. The credit should not be applied to open invoices.