Solutions for Visiting Nurses Associations

Provide your Visiting Nurses Association home healthcare agency with comprehensive patient information that enhances care

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Without a comprehensive view of agency information, such as intake, billing, HIM and medical histories, it’s difficult to make a patient’s transition from acute care to home care or home care to acute care a smooth one.

OnBase content services for Visiting Nurse Associations offer authorized users access to more comprehensive patient information for more successful home health care coordination.

Increased information access improves home health care coordination, reduces costs

Based on your organization’s permissions, clinicians and staff electronically access the documents they need for their visits from a secure repository, maintaining compliance. This provides immediate access to the information they need, when they need it. Rather than traveling back-and-forth from home visits to the office, your visiting nurse staff stay focused on treating patients, not looking for their information.

Ensure up-to-date patient data while in the field

With advanced synchronization to help ensure additional information downloads and uploads quickly, OnBase uses an HL7 integration to eliminate the need to re-enter information. Whether synching patients assigned to a specific nurse, all patients on a team, all patients in a given branch or all patients in an assigned business unit, the solution knows what to sync – through a flexible, updatable, point-and-click document-mapping wizard. Finally, a forms-generation tool allows you to generate an unlimited number of forms to meet the exact needs of your organization.

To reduce travel, storage and paper expenses, while improving patient care across the continuum, OnBase for Visiting Nurse Associations:

  • Eliminates driving to/from the office and unnecessary paper by capturing and uploading E-forms and offline signatures onsite
  • References documents available offline
  • Synchronizes records automatically
  • Associates information with the correct patient record automatically
  • Automates approval processes and notification to eliminate delays

With solutions to optimize acute, post-acute and home-health services, OnBase solutions help elevate patient care, streamline processes and reduce expenses.