Hyland Experience Capture

When information is everywhere, capture it anywhere

Information drives business. That’s why capturing and managing content and data as early as possible is key to optimizing and automating downstream processes. As organizations receive increasing volumes of documents from disparate sources and locations, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up. Many organizations lack the IT infrastructure, resources or on-site technical skills needed to leverage capture tools everywhere information is first received.

Enter Hyland Experience Capture (HxC).

HxC is a web-based document scanning, classification and data extraction tool delivered almost entirely through the cloud. This fast and intuitive application combines optical character recognition (OCR) with machine learning to expedite the verification process and improve accuracy over time. Presented though an easy-to-use interface, HxC empowers organizations to:

  • Accelerate business processes from the moment documents are received
  • Easily scale capture tools across users, locations and processes
  • Limit the burden on IT resources and infrastructure

Accelerate business processes

To keep business processes moving smoothly — feed them accurate information from the start. HxC’s web-based delivery enables staff to classify documents and verify data almost as soon as they are received, ensuring information is correct before being sent downstream.

HxC also features intelligent capture technologies like OCR and machine learning to reduce manual touch points in the extraction and verification process. Over time, speed and accuracy go up, while time-consuming data errors go down.

Meet varying capture needs across your organization

HxC provides flexible configuration options that support everything from ad-hoc scanning to large batch ingestion, and is compatible with virtually any scanner. Its simple and intuitive functions allow staff to capture and index information without advanced technical skills or in-depth training.

With the simple installation of a small desktop host, HxC scales to any location where documents need captured - whether staff are in the office, at home or distributed across multiple work sites.

HxC ensures organizations make the most of their existing IT investments. Following classification and extraction, documents and data can be exported and passed on to any third-party content or business system.

Reduce the burden on IT resources and infrastructure

SaaS delivery makes HxC easy to install, maintain and upgrade across deployments. With a near-zero footprint and no servers to set up and maintain, you can confidently deploy front-end capture tools where they are needed, with minimal strain on your technical resources and staff.

As a cloud solution, HxC also provides a consistent stream of enhancements – ensuring it always provides value as your organization and capture needs grow.

Built on Hyland’s modern SaaS platform

HxC is the first SaaS application built on the Hyland Experience Platform (HxP), Hyland’s next-generation cloud-based platform. Featuring best-of-breed content services capabilities, HxP provides feature-rich cloud applications with intuitive, responsive user interfaces designed to meet your customer experience needs today and into the future.