SAP Integration

Connect your SAP data to business content and processes

Hyland delivers a full range of enterprise-class, secure document management and process automation capabilities, seamlessly integrated with your SAP system.
With the OnBase integration for SAP, organizations can dramatically reduce operating costs and improve staff productivity.

  • Reduce the cost of storing and maintaining paper documents.
  • Directly link transactional data in SAP to related content outside the core system, like vendor invoices or contracts.
  • Automate manual processes that feed or rely on information from SAP, including data entry and information routing.

Empower employees to work smarter with SAP ArchiveLink integration

The OnBase integration for SAP ArchiveLink allows SAP users to access supporting documents, like invoices, check images, vendor contracts and remittances, directly from the corresponding record in SAP. Staff have immediate access to the information they need to make decisions, manage processes and provide superior customer service.

  • Eliminate the time-consuming search for information across multiple locations, file cabinets or network shares.
  • Enable users to add and update information in SAP, schedule events and manage tasks alongside supporting documents.
  • Provide staff with access to critical information from their preferred work environments (SAP, email, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

Eliminate manual data entry with intelligent capture and instant data exchange

By combining the OnBase integration for SAP with the power of Brainware by Hyland, an intelligent data capture solution, organizations can eliminate the time-consuming task of manually keying information into SAP and free up staff time to focus on more important tasks and activities.

  • Automate data capture and extraction from documents like sales orders and vendor invoices.
  • Validate extracted data against the information stored within existing SAP databases.
  • Update SAP transactions automatically with extracted values and status information.

Transform and accelerate business processes with workflow automation

Integrating OnBase with SAP streamlines manual processes that feed or rely on information from your SAP system, such as invoice processing in Accounts Payable or cash application in Accounts Receivable. With OnBase, organizations automate the delivery and receipt of information to those who need it while providing visibility into the status and performance of your processes.

  • Electronically route information to and from SAP, such as the value of an approved vendor invoice.
  • Automate notifications and allow users to take action, like reviewing an exception or error, directly from their email application or mobile device.
  • Ensure controls and procedures are followed with a full audit trail for documents, processes, actions and activities.

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