John Carroll University

Deploying OnBase in the cloud creates a blueprint for institution-wide success

Before implementing OnBase, students and staff of John Carroll University (JCU) struggled with a dated solution at the front-end of its academic petitions process. Staff were bogged down by manual steps and unclear requests. Meanwhile, poor visibility and reporting resulted in inaccurate student records, which in turn threatened students’ pathway to graduation.

Read how the institution took advantage of OnBase’s easy-to-configure forms and automated workflow to drive campus-wide benefits. Learn the advantages of deploying OnBase in the Hyland Cloud, including:
• Improves service to students and staff by eliminating manual steps in the academic petitions process
• Frees up time and resources so staff can focus less on administrative tasks and more on strategic initiatives
• Provides a campus-wide platform, replacing a portfolio of niche and dated applications

Implementing solutions in the Hyland Cloud also meant that faculty and staff reap the benefits of process improvements without adding campus infrastructure. Download the PDF to learn more!