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Latest Hyland Healthcare offerings and Hyland content services platform enhancements

Hyland Healthcare customers may be eager to learn more about enhancements to our enterprise imaging (EI) suite, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) options for Acuo, Hyland’s vendor neutral archive (VNA) solution, and NilRead, Hyland’s enterprise medical image viewing solution.

SaaS-delivered EI

Acuo and NilRead are now available in a SaaS model. These SaaS offerings provide an optimized and scalable architecture to ensure customer access to imaging content regardless of volume and specialty. Managed services also removes the burden of managing the cloud environment from healthcare systems.

NilRead 5.0

The newest NilRead release includes patient portal enablement, allowing patients to view, download and upload images from an electronic medical record (EMR) portal. Additionally, edge rendering enables radiologists to work offline by providing limited connectivity to a local instance of NilRead while “plus 1 priors” functionality filters priors based on anatomic adjacency, streamlining medical image search.

Acuo Admin Portal 1.8

The latest release of Acuo Admin Portal furthers Hyland’s commitment to user-friendly interfaces designed for administrative efficiency and improved data access. Enhancements include the ability for customers to perform their own DICOM migrations, a new interface where administrators can configure TagMaps for all of their Acuo systems and automated conflict resolution.


Notable enhancements to three solutions in the PACSgear image connectivity suite include:

  • PACSgear Enterprise Server 5.1 — This update enables secure inbound communications through DICOM TLS and encrypted HL7, print-to-PACS functionality and new options for selecting specific content types for OnBase or XDS capture workflows.
  • Video Touch 4K 3.0 — The software update for the MDR VT and MDR VT4K includes modernization of the operating system and UI integration for enterprise authentication and management.
  • PACS Scan Mobile 3.1 — This release provides integration with PACSgear Enterprise Server to enable enterprise authentication and management, UI enhancements designed to accelerate capture and support for iPad OS.

ImageNext 1.94

The latest release of ImageNext allows relevant priors to be retrieved and displayed in the worklist based on relevant criteria. The solution also adds the ability to integrate with tele-imaging providers and artificial intelligence systems.

OnBase Integration for Salesforce

Not all enhancements were healthcare focused. OnBase Integration for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange provides instant access to critical business data and documents alongside corresponding Salesforce records. Organizations leveraging the integration gain a complete view of information for vendors, customers and transactions within a familiar interface to make faster, more informed decisions.