HR Policies and Procedures Administration

Ensure HR compliance while reducing administrative tasks

With electronic HR policies and procedures management, HR departments can efficiently create, distribute and track employee acknowledgements. This helps ensure compliance while reducing administrative tasks like filing, copying and mailing documents.

Hyland policy and procedures management solutions let you digitize the entire process, so your organization stays up to date on all acknowledgements — no matter where in the world employees are. HR staff members save time by streamlining policy creation and approval processes and automatically tracking all updates and revisions.

With an easy-to-use interface, HR staff can:

  • Quickly send email notifications containing links to policies in OnBase to the entire workforce or specific groups
  • Make policy revisions directly in OnBase, simultaneously notifying all affected employees, accelerating distribution
  • Enforce timely acknowledgment while reducing the risk of errors or oversights

Store all policy documents, training videos and other supporting content in one place, making it easy for HR departments – and employees – to access critical information.

Simplify the complex in HR compliance: Ease records management, lower risk and elevate HR capabilities in the post-2020 world

The complexity of global regulatory compliance is immense, but so are the capabilities available to HR to leverage digital technology.