Great customer experience is also great security

Cheryl McKinnon, a principal analyst for Forrester, offers this wisdom on the power of user-friendly content solutions:

“A great user experience is in itself a great security feature,” she says. A modern user experience, she continues, “can help shut down and end your reliance on unsanctioned consumer tools that may have crept in because of their ease-of-use.”

In an age where customer experience is paramount, security can sometimes seem like an afterthought. After all, if it’s secure but a pain to use, who will want to use it? Your team members may try to bring in “friendlier” technology to meet their usability needs, while unknowingly inviting unsecure technology into your workplace and decentralizing valuable content.

They key to content service excellence is to fuse both superior usability and best-in-class security and compliance measures. The Hyland content services solutions deliver both, through:

  • Mobile-friendly collaboration
  • Low-code, configurable platforms
  • Agile and adaptive applications
  • Robust security and compliance build-ins