Beyond Radiology & Cardiology: Harnessing non-DICOM Dark Data

Secure at-risk medical information and improve patient outcomes by centrally managing non-DICOM medical images with a VNA.

Non-DICOM images are a big dark data threat

It’s there. Lurking throughout your healthcare system, threatening to expose PHI (protected health information), subjecting you to legal and financial liability and permanently damaging your reputation. It’s known as “dark data” or “rogue data.” Non-DICOM images (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.) stored in disparate specialty systems throughout a healthcare enterprise are top sources of this type of rogue data. Without enterprise visibility and control of these images, you could be putting your healthcare facility and its patients at risk. Furthermore, this rogue data could offer tremendous clinical value if identified and included in a comprehensive patient record. This white paper outlines how to identify, centralize and share this non-DICOM dark data to improve clinical security and visibility.

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