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Healthcare content services: The next level for patient-centered care

Improve efficiency and eliminate repeat testing for better patient care.

When clinicians struggle to find patient information across systems — especially in urgent situations — they are forced to make choices that eventually result in increased costs, reduced productivity and deficient patient care.

A solution that optimizes clinical content by bringing all your healthcare organization’s data (including medical images and lab results) together into one place not only reduces cost and improves clinician productivity but greatly improves the patient experience.

Download Healthcare Content Services: The Next Level for Patient-Centered Care and learn:

  • What’s missing from your EMR
  • The benefits of optimized clinical content
  • What to look for when evaluating patient record solutions
  • How optimized clinical content can help you achieve HIMSS Stage 7

Hyland Healthcare offers enterprise content management, enterprise imaging and mobile technology solutions that allow you to access and deliver complete patient information when it’s needed, where it’s needed and how it’s needed.

Learn how healthcare content services can transform your electronic medical record.