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Low-code solutions

Behind the scenes of Hyland’s own digital transformation.

Like so many of our customers, Hyland is constantly evolving as a business. To keep our competitive edge sharp and our team members innovating, we need to optimize internal technology and ensure our systems and processes evolve at the same pace as our growth.

Through our own experience, we’ve found that the more flexible and configurable a solution is, the more agile and adaptable it enables Hyland to be as a business. That’s why we’ve come to rely on the Hyland content services platform for low-code, rapid application development.

Are we biased? Sure — but we can say without reservation that Hyland’s content services platform is vital to our ongoing digital transformation. And using it as a low-code, rapid application development platform allows us to digitize more and more business processes without the need for custom code, as well as:

  • Create purpose-built solutions that fill the gaps between our core systems
  • Build systems that quickly integrate newly acquired organizations
  • Reject the “buy-versus-build” dilemma and instead innovate solutions based on our own timeline, resources and custom needs

The Hyland platform makes us more efficient as a team, more responsive to our customers and ready to adapt to business conditions as they evolve — no matter how quickly or dramatically. Download the e-book to learn more!