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Adobe Sign integration

Accelerate processes with a digital signing experience.

Digital signature tools offer the convenience of obtaining signatures without the need for in-person interaction or physical documents. But without seamless integration with your existing process automation solutions, any potential efficiency gains could be overshadowed by bottlenecks and compliance risks.

The OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign allows organizations to leverage Adobe’s comprehensive, cloud-based e-signature capabilities — enabling consent, authorization or approval to happen from anywhere, at any time. In this product summary, learn how the OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign:

  • Expedites processes and workflows by integrating e-signature functionality

  • Enables you to meet user expectations for a digital signing experience

  • Improves security and ensures compliance with e-sign laws and industry regulations

Together, Hyland and Adobe Sign provide an end-to-end solution for secure e-signing and document management to meet your organization’s needs.