Allina Health (Allina) set a goal of “One patient. One record.” Soon after implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) across the health system, Allina knew it needed an enterprise solution to manage the unstructured content — paper, forms, faxes, clinical images and more — that existed outside of the patient record. It also wanted to eliminate the disconnected systems that slowed down care and operations in the various departments.


Allina chose OnBase, Hyland’s enterprise information platform. They successfully integrated OnBase with their EMR solution, Epic, as well as their other line-of-business applications from GE and Lawson. Allina uses OnBase to electronically capture and securely store and manage patient content, improving information access and automating manual processes across its entire health system, benefitting Allina’s patients as well as its more than 29,300 employees. For Allina, OnBase is much more than a tactical and departmental software solution. It represents a strategic, system-wide investment in digital transformation that delivers real value.

"We receive requests for software or hardware weekly and we ‘shop’ in-house first. We really don’t have to recreate the wheel. We just simply expand the solution."

Julie Aschenbachl
Team Lead, Information Systems Department ,
Allina Health


  • Creates a more complete patient picture: Clinicians and staff can access patient information from within Epic. Historical medical information is presented alongside current diagnostic information.
  • Protects patient privacy and follows HIPAA guidelines: Only authorized users can access information stored in OnBase.
  • Decreases paper, storage and labor costs: Automating manual tasks decreases paper usage and resolves physical storage issues. This empowers employees to focus more on providing excellent patient care.
  • Increases efficiencies across the system: Adding revenue cycle documentation to OnBase ensures easy access (for authorized users only) to billing information, which improves revenue cycle processing and patient satisfaction.
  • Better patient experiences: All patient processes, including registration and biiling, are faster when all information pertaining to insurance is already present in the system.
  • Accounts payable (AP) and HR processes are faster: OnBase integration for Lawson speeds up data entry for invoices, cuts response time to employees by half and reduces time, labor, costs and risks associated with records management and audits.
  • Improves lab issue tracking to reduce errors: Allina implemented OnBase in its reference lab, medical laboratories and Home Healthcare unit, and integrated it with Epic Beaker and XIFIN. This makes it easier to spot errors and improve issue tracking.
  • Ensures staff are aware of policies, improving compliance: OnBase ensures the most current policies are available and accessible to employees. Document knowledge transfer protocols provide an audit trail of employee acknowledgement, keeping the health system in compliance.

Customer info

Allina Health 


12 hospitals

More than 90 clinics

Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

BMC Software Remedy® CRM, Cerner BeyondNow® Homecare Software Connexion, Epic ADT®/Prelude® enterprise registration and inpatient access software, Epic Beaker® laboratory information system, Epic Prelude® enterprise registration and ambulatory patient access software, Epic Resolute® billing software, EpicWeb® provider access software, EpicCare® clinical software, ImageTrend Billing System, Lawson™ Financials, Microsoft Outlook®, Oracle® PeopleSoft® HR software, WriteFax, XIFIN® Accounts Receivable System


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