June 28, 2022

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Teeing up the Hyland story with our new brand ambassador: Xander Schauffele

Like Hyland, Schauffele does amazing things on the golf course, defeating better-known competitors and offering a comprehensive game from tee to green.

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

Hyland brand ambassador Xander Schauffele mid-swing.


As a rabid sports fan, I’ve watched a lot of golf in my day. Having spent more than 20 years of my career in the technology business, nearly all of it in the sales and marketing side, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve wondered, “Who is going to buy SAP because Phil Mickelson’s got it on his hat?”

A fair question, I think.

And while we can all agree that nearly everyone knows who SAP is, the presence of technology companies on the shirts, hats, pants and bags of PGA Tour golfers is pervasive. For many, it is an opportunity to connect with a broader audience.

From my first days at Hyland nearly 20 years ago, I have referred to us as the best story no one knows about. After all, our revenue has grown by 44 times since then. My employee number is 170. Today, there are more than 3,400 Hylanders. And most importantly, we have more than 22,000 lifetime customers in more than 80 countries.

And yet, “Who is Hyland and what do you do?” is a question people still ask me every single day.

Admittedly, I’ve wrestled with answering that question. Given that I’m responsible for the customer-facing side of the business, that’s quite a concern, right?

Helping you help your customers

The challenge is that the value proposition we offer to organizations is often unseen by the majority of our users.

Physicians access content from our products through the electronic medical record software they use every day. AP Clerks retrieve content from our products directly through their ERPs – SAP as an example. Executives approve transactions processed by our workflows through their phones or their email applications. College admissions departments retrieve Hyland content through their student information systems. Insurance claims personnel use their claims systems, and leverage content from OnBase with a click of a button in those claims systems.

For all of those doctors, clerks, executives, admissions personnel, claims workers and more … we don’t exist. They do not know they are a Hyland user.

Yet, their ability to do their work, improve efficiencies in their organizations and most importantly, better serve their customers is a direct result of our products. So, how do you describe that? And how do you raise awareness of this amazing story of products that digitally transform the businesses we work with, yet the user community is unaware of their existence?

Golf. Or, more fittingly, golf’s next big thing.

Driving awareness

Improving awareness of Hyland is an organizational imperative. For Hyland, yes. But 3,400 Hylanders would argue it is an imperative for those we have yet to engage. Far too many organizations view the content services world as a repository to store ‘stuff.’ A digital filing cabinet of sorts.

But the Hyland value proposition is much more than that – it is to improve the management of information from the point of capture through output. Automating workflows. Rapid application development tools. Leveraging AI and machine learning to automate content capture. Working with video, audio, x-rays, MRIs. Enabling context-based content experiences through mobile and cloud. All to make more-informed decisions and improve service.

That story is one that deserves and requires more exposure.

The answer? Golf.

When we first engaged with PGA Tour golfer Xander Schauffele, he was far from a household name. Much like Hyland, he was doing amazing things on the golf course, defeating better-known competitors and offering a comprehensive game from tee to green. He was the perfect brand ambassador for Hyland.

Today, with strong finishes throughout 2019, he requires no introduction to those who follow golf. He talks about his X factor on the course – a combination of using great information and data on his swing and the courses he plays – but also the well-rounded nature of his game as an X factor when competing with the very best.

All of that resonates. So, what does Hyland do?

We are that X factor for your business. Offering well-rounded solutions and services, competing at a championship level and delivering results. And we look to Xander as our X factor to bring that story to all of those who don’t know it – but should.

Are you ready to tee up success?