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The COVID-19 pandemic, as Omdia notes, forced enterprises to become more agile and efficient to survive, but they face a new challenge in 2023 — the economic downturn.

This means seeking cost savings and improved efficiency by leveraging solutions such as content services platforms. But with so many platforms offering different features and functionalities, how can decision-makers determine which is the right one for them?

The Omdia Universe: Content Services Platform Solutions, 2023 report provides a comprehensive analysis of the content services market, enabling decision-makers to identify a solution that best suits their needs. In the report, Hyland is recognized as a market leader with “extensive features in all technology areas,” including:

  • An extensible platform for building tailored solutions to address unique business challenges
  • Flexible deployment models, offering both on-premise and cloud-based options
  • Web-based intelligent capture for identifying and extracting key information
  • RPA and AI capabilities that allow for more efficient, automated workflows

The report also highlights Hyland’s strong performance in search, document management and content services platforms, helping partners and customers meet ever-growing demands for automation, compliance and effective collaboration.